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User Friendly Access to the Power of Big Data

IM provides users tools to track, assess, and use data related to store traffic, merchandise sales, promotional impacts to improve retail outcomes..


IM PRODUCT QUADRANT (2)The Intelligent Merchandiser Management Suite under early stage development consists of 4 modules: Store Traffic / Promotions / Merchandising / and Automated Services.

The Store Traffic module allows retailers to track and parse traffic in real time based on Smart Phone and POS inputs, enabling real time segmentation, and customization of in store communications and promotions on a real time and store by store basis, including tracking of such variables as time of day and weather.

The Promotions module is built around relating traffic to merchandise placement in stores, and tracking the effectiveness of in store and product based promotions against location in store as well as consumer traffic segmentation.

The Merchandising module is a set of tools for gathering together the data and conclusions generated out of the first two modules, and provides methods for hypothesizing and testing store layouts and merchandising based on observed system best practices.

The Automated Services module provides tools for linking Intelligent Merchandiser data and analytics to store Segmentation and Loyalty models, to  facilitate the delivery of automated Services within stores – the goal being to lower the costs of delivering Customer Services.

Currently, Intelligent Merchandiser is scheduled to enter Alpha Testing in Q1 – 2014.